Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, update 1.303 available: fixes gameplay and bugs

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continues to evolve Wo Long: Fallen Dynastytogether with Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja, who released the new one at this time. 1.303 update (variable identifier depending on platforms) that improves and fixes gameplay and bugs Variety was also found in the game.

adjustments As can be seen from the patch notes, they are truly numerous and largely concern all platforms on which the game is available (PC, PlayStation and Xbox) and change various aspects between gameplay and technical elements.

Numerous adjustments have been implemented

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty continues to evolve

on the subject Changes The main ones performed in gameplay are:

  • One change will prioritize Frenzy mode when the player is equipped with a whip. In this case, Frenzy mode activates more easily during a fight in Spirit Disruption than in Fatal Strike
  • Changed some movement patterns of the Yuan Shu boss
  • Yuan Shu boss no longer deals multiple hits with Water Phase charged attacks
  • Damage dealt by Fatal Strikes is not affected by Pangu’s Creation of the World special effects
  • Added a message that appears when the thousandth mile is completed for the first time in “Journey of a Thousand Miles”
  • Adjustments applied to add items to the Golden Horse Hooves Exchange at a different speed

Apart from these, many corrections Bugs made by the update, which corrects the progression of some stages of the game and fixes some issues with balance, movement, interaction with characters and scenarios, and more.

You can find all the official patch notes here: this address on the official website. We also remember that the Complete Edition of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was announced recently.

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