Witchfire Review: The FPS We Didn’t Expect

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Witch Fever Review

Witch Fever Review | Today’s review is special: An extraordinary game that actually surprised us happily. Even more surprising is that despite the game’s high visual quality, the team Astronautthe same one behind his masterpiece The Disappearance of Ethan CarterIt consists of only 12 people.

Shoot, Evade, Reload

witch fever It can be defined in itself as follows: FPS roguelike. All mechanics available, “repeatfrom various initiatives classic FPS mechanics like making a movie, aim And reload. THE game moments divided into two parts: what’s inside Monasteryplayer’s base and above Areawhere the title’s most roguelike elements are found.

The game is set up like this: Various regionsall one final bossTo defeat to access the next area. There are also some things inside the map random camps of opponents with various difficulties, at the end of which it is possible to obtain an upgrade Mysterious.

Arcana Temporary buffs that last until death or voluntary removal from the map Play the game in one of the rare portals scattered around the island. These upgrades are divided into: 3 macro categories: Weaponry, spells And Other.

The first continues to impress Various parameters for firearms like reload speed, critical hit chance, or weapon-related special effects. The second category affects: spellsWhich one could it be? light or heavygoing change the charging time, effect time or the same power. The last category goes to collecting everything that does not fall into the previous two categoriesWe touch upon elements such as. maximum life, enemy resistance, stamina recovery speed and much more.

Regarding the part in “The Monastery”, “Hunting“The name given to the protagonist makes it a little more complex and also more linear. It will really be possible invest in witch fireIn-game currency obtained by killing enemies to obtain new items or upgradesThere’s a station inside the center creating potionsnecessary for save your life During shipments, equipment change stationnecessary to replace and upgrade your equipment and mirror of researchthis is “to workVarious elements to discover new ones.

Witch Fever Review

The latter is also the means by which other equipment can be obtained. firearms, spells and various trinkets And “Mystery Spell“, which ones Required to upgrade your equipment.

Another important thing about why this might be possible spend witch fire and methods you can use to strengthen your hero StatisticsWhich they directly affect all the hero’s stats aspect gather yourself together, dodge speed, spell recovery speed Hey maximum life points.

Witch Fever Review

I take a step back and go back to my old self equipmentIt is necessary to specify what we are Hunting The tasks you can take on are limited. It will actually be possible to equip 3 firearmstwo normal and one evil will require different types of bullets, duand spellsone light, one heavy, with different effects and finally a relic, a fetish and a ringwhich adds secondary effects to your weapons and attacks.

Witch Fever Review

Each of these partsmissions“For example, as it may be kill a certain number of enemies with a certain weapon or spellpossible after completion with the help of the aforementioned Mysterium Spell., improve the object in question. Upgrading adds new and various effects to your equipment to make the game more interesting.

When madness reveals itself, run towards it…

Another interesting and unique mechanic witch fever And stupidity. IT Appears at random moments in the gameusually after a certain number of camps have been destroyed and it is shown how this was done. a bar around the minimap It fills up slowly. There is Two ways to approach this mechanic, First And I’m waiting for the bar to fill up and a lot of competitors to comeAfter killing them all, it will be possible to continue the normal course of the game until the next frenzy attack.

Witch Fever Review

second method and in my opinion the most effective one, run to the center of madnessit looks like this a tornado surrounded by evil skulls. By destroying the latter with the right blows or spells at the right time, It will be possible to stop the madnesstogether Get a nice reward and an escape route home.

Witch Fever Review

…but if you see the Guardian of Spirits, turn and run

one of several strange enemies of this game guardA ghost wandering aimlessly, illuminating his surroundings with his flashlight. If its light illuminates you, you will have to face an army of very powerful opponents. Unfortunately after defeating them it will not be possible to obtain any reward beyond the usual witch fire and the guardian will soon continue his journey. one way eliminate this threat is to be successful among all other enemies Kill the Guardian too Personally, the one who has a high reserve of health points.

Witch Fever Review

What glitters isn’t always Witchfire

After examining all the features of the job, it is necessary to talk about the job itself. downsides It caught up with him. The game is actually a repetitions that can tire easilyespecially considering competitors’ challengesAnd you need to repeat the same area for several hours before purchasing sufficiently powerful equipment beat The Witch’s First AcquaintanceThe name of the boss in the first game map.

Actually it will take a long time to do this search for suitable objects, Complete relevant tasks And research the required Mysterium Spell to bring them to the maximum and this is necessary at the minimum level. 7 items. Only after doing all this will this be possible for a normal person who is not a fan of the genre. Face the first boss with minimal chance of successand even then you’ll need to defeat all the enemies on the map first, otherwise you won’t have enough Arcana to gain a clear advantage.

Witch Fever Review

Another problem I encountered while playing the title was Difficulty interpreting the minimapit just shows: existence of monsters soon and some points of interest. There lack of topology causes the player to do this frequently open maplike this Interrupts the flow of the game and breaks immersion.

The last of the biggest current problems is shortness of educationIt actually explains the basics of the game, such as basic moves and actions, but without touching on the game’s features. distinguishing witchfire from other roguelike shooters available. I personally found myself a little confusedOnce the tutorial is over, you’ll have to figure this out on your own how the various “structures” in the base work and how to access the game maps.

But having said that, it is clear that with a little intuitiveness and overall gaming experience it is possible to solve this problem by groping. Another mechanics not well explained this is it stupidityinstead of a Several attempts to deal with it before understanding how to act best in this particular case.

Witch Fever Review

At the end of the day, Witchfire presents itself as an excellent game full of new and innovative mechanics, but in need of polishing around some edges. The basic roguelike mechanics are present and solid; FPS dynamics, on the other hand, increase the value of the product to the point of creating something unique and uncategorizable.

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