Will Monster Hunter Wilds be open world? For fans, the trailer is heading in that direction

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The Game Awards 2023 ended with the announcement Monster Hunter WildsThe next great chapter in Capcom’s beloved saga. We know practically nothing about the game, but obviously fans have started to form their own hypotheses about the game, and according to many, this new action RPG will be a game. open the world.

The comment on the Monster Hunter subreddit, which brings together the opinions of many people, belongs to user YanksFan96. It’s clear there’s a certain level of doubt that Capcom can take such a strong step forward, but I open worlds These are the trends of the current market and the way the game is presented makes one believe that this will be the case.

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As mentioned, I’m alone speculationsbut the trailer actually gives the impression of a big open world. The character has a mount that can run and glide (useful if there is a certain verticality and long distances to travel), and around him we see hordes of monsters all moving together (and this is also possible and logical only if there are large areas).

Frankly, it’s not clear that Monster Hunter Wilds is the fully open world it’s always been. various independent maps, only larger New movement mechanics, chasing monsters and managing resources and camps compared to previous games. We’ll have to wait until next year to find out more and find out whether first impressions hit the mark.

Monster Hunter Wilds is a long wait

Will monster hordes become the norm in Monster Hunter Wilds?

The current “problem” is that Monster Hunter Wilds will be available at some unspecified time in 2025, so we’ll have to do that. Expect 13 to 25 months Before playing.

A. new presentation instead, it’s expected to happen in December 2024, so it’ll be a long time before we discover anything concrete anyway, unless a reliable leaker decides to give us information in advance.

In the meantime, let’s watch The Game Awards 2023 trailer.

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