Will Dragon’s Dogma 2 run at 30fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S? A suspicious rumor worries fans

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According to an unidentified Japanese “insider”, there is a real risk: Dragon’s Dogma 2 to go 30fps Open PS5 and Xbox SeriesEven if nothing is confirmed at the moment, it could also bring about the usual controversy.

This issue is reported by PCFocus, which refers to: Japanese insider but mysterious without giving further details; Which makes the whole thing very questionable, even if it’s clearly nothing new, considering the amount of titles that don’t hit 60 frames per second at launch, even on next-gen.

According to the site in question, the rumor may be believable when looking at the hardware requirements of the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma; These requirements are actually quite demanding and may indicate a possible problem with the CPUs of the PS5 and Xbox Series.

Comparison with PC requirements

Dragon’s Dogma 2, an image of the game

According to the news on Steam, the configuration targeting 30 fps on PC still requires an update. Ryzen 5 3600 processorIt will be in line, if not at a higher tier, compared to PS5 and Xbox Series processors

There is a certain logic to the question, but considering that consoles usually have superior optimization that makes hardware features more efficient, the connection cannot be that automatic, so there is no problem. perfect fit Regarding the relationship between hardware and performance between PC and console.

For these reasons, we’re approaching the matter with some caution and are awaiting any specific information from Capcom that hasn’t arrived yet. For the rest, we learned that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will only have one slot for manual and auto-save, and the tokens have been changed according to fan requests.

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