Video games January 2024: Let’s warm up the seats

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Video games January 2024 | like every month VMAG returns with the most interesting offers video game titles It comes out next month. There will be articles accompanying this list Film And TV series January 2024.

Momodora: Farewell by Moonlight – January 11

Momodora: Farewell by Moonlight It is a story that takes place five years after the events.Momodora III” and the terrible crisis in the village coho. A’annoying ringing Rings that herald a demonic invasion threatening the village. In response, mother coho entrust Momo ReinolThe most talented priestess, the task of detecting the calling bell demonssave sacred Moon Tree, It is the source of life and healing of the society. momodora Coming on January 11 PlayStation4/5, Xbox One/Series, Keys And computer.

War Hospital – January 11

War Hospital puts us in the major’s shoes Henry WellsA British war medic is thrown out of retirement into the harrowing trenches of the world. World War I French. took command of someone field hospital, We will need to strengthen and heal it by developing tools and techniques, caring for soldiers, healers, and survivors, and making important choices for our future. War Hospital It will officially arrive on January 11 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series And computer.

Radiance – January 12

In this simulator nuclear power plantOur main task will be to try to prevent the reactor from melting down. Therefore, we will have to deal with losses, dangers and unexpected events. Will you capture radioactive mice or eliminate dangerous intruders? This and much more brightnessIt comes out on PC on January 12.

Crystal Story: Dawn of Twilight – January 12

Crystal Story: Dawn of Twilight It is an RPG combining retro graphics and fast-paced action inspired by 16-bit classics! We can take on the role Minaa young adventurer Side of Dawn Traveling through a strange and ruined world called Dusk. His goal is to save his brother who has been kidnapped by a great demon. Come to an end. During the journey, the girl grows up and learns a powerful fire elemental spell called Fire. Art. Releases January 12, 2024 computer.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – January 18

We will take on your role in this adventure sargonA young warrior member of the elite group Immortals. Sent to save the prince Ghassanwe will discover Mount Qaf, now cursed and hostile. splendid Castle of Knowledge to colorful landscapes Hyrcanian ForestWe will explore various environments inspired by Persian mythology, gain new temporal powers, and unlock unique abilities that can be combined in battle. It comes out on January 18 PlayStation4/5, Xbox One/Series, Keys And computer.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank – January 18

Turnip Boy He is ready to commit many crimes in this action game with roguelite elements: this time the criminal cooperates with terrible creatures. Pickle Gang and they plan together The weirdest hit of all time, I turned towards the rich and mysterious Botanical Bank. To pull off the perfect heist, we’ll need to purchase a set of dangerous and strange gadgets from the dark web. diamond pickaxe, C4 this is a radio jammer. It comes out on January 18 Xbox One/Series, Keys And computer.

Another Code: Remember – January 19

This collection includes enhanced versions of the original games with revamped graphics, fully explorable environments, new voice acting, puzzles, music, and more. Inside Another Code Two Memoirs We’ll find ourselves traveling far away Blood Edward Island in the role AshleyA 13-year-old girl is looking for her father, from whom she just received a letter. The adventure then continues in the second part called. Another Code: R – Journey to lost memories. The collection is available only from January 19, 2024. Nintendo Switch.

Cub – January 19

After a major ecological disaster, the ultra-rich fled Anthemby abandoning Soil. But decades later, they decide to return and find a little human child.”puppy“He developed an immunity to Earth’s hostile environment. The game features a challenging parkour platformer inspired by the classics SAW 90’s like “The Jungle Book”, “Aladdin” And “Lion King”.

The player will find himself moving among the remnants of humanity, facing dangerous hybrid vegetation in the form of evolved fauna and environmental puzzles. The narrative combines the following elements: survival, strategy And adventureIt offers a unique gaming experience that combines nostalgia with innovative gaming experience. It comes out on January 19 PlayStation4/5, Xbox One/Series, Keys And computer.

Stargate: Timekeepers – January 23

Inside Stargate Timekeepers We will take the reins of a newly assembled team and guide it through hostile territory, skillfully using the unique abilities of various characters. Therefore, we will need to develop strategic plans and defeat the threatening ones. Goa’uld, We continue with 14 story missions.

The journey starts at the following times: Antarctic War: Commander Eva McCain and his team assist in the fight against SG-1. Anubis’ fleet. As the story progresses, Eva and her experts will have to help. Jaffa resistancefoil brutal ritualsface it Moloch’s forces and tighten Alliances with Unas. Releases January 23, 2024 computer.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – January 26

Ichiban Kasuga And Kazuma KiryuTwo titanic heroes embark on an adventure filled with RPG battles where the battlefield becomes an indispensable resource for victory. We can also customize talent Our team strategically defeats enemies. From engaging quests to entertainment events, every step will take us to discover the eastern world. It comes out on January 26 PlayStation4/5, Xbox One, Series And computer.

Tekken 8 – 26 January

Series known for its enduring storytelling TEKKEN begins a new chapter exploring the turbulent saga of lineages Mishima And Kazama. Set 6 months after the end of the previous conflict, the story highlights the evolution and resilience of war. Jin KazamaAdding another layer to this timeless saga. It comes out on January 26 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series And computer.

Lost Legends of Redwall: Scout Anthology – January 30

Scout Anthology It presents itself as an action and adventure game consisting of three acts that will put us in the shoes of the game. Sofia And LiamYoung mice who go on an adventure to protect their homeland from the attack of pirates. Wild sea mice actually threaten the peace of the forest moss flowerBy pushing the newest members of the union lilygrove scout to face danger. They will be able to catch Redwall Abbey and to save his comrades? It comes out on January 30 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series And computer.

Quinfall – January 30

Quinfall ThisMMORPG records provided The world’s largest playable map (more than 2000 square kilometers) is divided into five regions with unique and diverse climates. Changing weather conditions and the day-night cycle, god Pelyonas, Dragonborn Greis And Kreas and many other gods.

It will be possible to meet dozens of main characters and we will be able to navigate between peace and chaos, choosing the fate of the world. Quinfall It will officially arrive on January 19, 2024 computer.

One Punch Man: World – January 31

Here is a multiplayer action game based on the worldwide popular anime one punch man. Wave of monster attacks puts cities in crisis Soil AndHeroes Association: After three years of special education, Saitama He has become so powerful that he can defeat his opponents with a single punch. But now a new enemy appears before the stronger and more relaxed hero. One Punch Man World Coming on January 31 Android, iOS And computer.

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