Video games February 2024: a nostalgic month

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Video games February 2024 | As usual, VMAG returns with a dedicated columnyouThe most interesting video game shows of February. Don’t miss topic-specific articles Film And TV series.

Granblue Fantasy: Reconnection – February 1

Granblue Fantasy: Reconnection is a game set in a celestial kingdom with endless skies and floating islands: we will take on the role of the commander of a team of sailors supported by. Vyrna little dragon and Lyria, a girl with mysterious powers. The goal will be to reach EstaluciaA legendary island beyond the heavenly limits. Granblue Fantasy: Reconnection It will arrive on February 1 computer And PlayStation4/5.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash – February 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Conflict is a 2v2 fighting game that fully reflects the style and story of the original manga: among the playable characters we find are actually Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, Satoru Gojo and like cursed souls Jogo and HanamiEach of them has their own special moves. Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Conflict It will arrive on February 2 computer, PlayStation4/5, Keys And Xbox One/Series.

Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League – February 2

Persona 3 Reload – February 2

A modern reinterpretation of a classic from the gaming world, Persona 3 Reload improved graphics, usability improvements andimproved user interface. Persona 3 Reload It will arrive on February 2 computer, PlayStation4/5 And Xbox One/Series.

Collapse of the Project – February 2

Project Collapse this is a set fps Crimson TideA futuristic city dominated by gangs and mafias: As a ruthless assassin who works by day and acts by night, we will have to face the dangers and secrets of the city as we progress through a story with 12 possible endings. Project Collapse It will arrive on February 2 computer, Keys And Xbox One/Series.

Helldivers 2 – 8 February

hell diverContinue their fight for freedom as the galaxy’s last line of defense: Teams of up to four players will face strategic missions in a hostile and dangerous galaxy. Hell Divers 2 It will arrive on February 8 computer And PlayStation 5.

Inquisitor – February 8

Inquisitor It is an addictive gamedark fantasy adventure Combining narrative and action, this game confronts players with complex moral choices. Set in an alternate, religious version of reality inspired by the best-selling book series Jacek PiekaraThe game follows the story Mordimer MadderdinAn Inquisitor in God’s service. KönigsteinA city full of mysteries, mordimer must solve cases and crimes related to violation of faith. Inquisitor It will arrive on February 8 computer, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series.

Ultros – February 13

Our spaceship crashed SarcophagusA huge cosmic womb housing an ancient demonic entity Ultros. Will we get out of this situation safely? Ultros It will arrive on February 13 computer And PlayStation4/5.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – February 13

Antea Duarte And Red Mac Raith They are purifiers, ghost hunters dedicated to protecting the living from ghosts. After a disaster, antea He is seriously injured and turns into one of the fighting spirits. Red prepares and sets out to rescue antea, set out for the haunted forest of North America. Throughout the journey, we will repeatedly find ourselves faced with difficult decisions that will change our history and destiny. New heaven. Exiles: Ghosts of the New Eden It will arrive on February 13 computer, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series.

Tomb Raider I-III Renewed – February 14

first three episodes tomb Raider They return with a completely new graphic design and bring the spirit of Lara Croft back into our homes. It will also be possible to switch to the original polygonal view at any point during the experience. Tomb Raider I-III Remastered It will arrive on February 14 computer, PlayStation4/5 And Xbox One/Series.

Skull and Bones – February 16

Inside’Indian Ocean Inhabited by a group of pirates who want to take control of the seas: the goal overthrow the ruling pirates and compete to become the most feared pirates. The world from the shores of Africa to the East Indies skull and bones full of dangers such as storms, abnormal waves, wild animals And pirate hunters. skull and bones It will arrive on February 16 computer, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong – February 16

Classic conflict between them mario And Donkey Kong comes alive inside Donkey Kong vs Mario: Donkey Kong stole them all Mini Mario left the toy factory and Mario in response, intending to take them back. Donkey Kong vs Mario Coming exclusively on February 16 Nintendo’s Keys.

Thaumaturge – February 20

Thaumaturge is an isometric RPG that offers a unique approach to turn-based combat, character development, and investigation mechanics. place Warsaw In 1905, during the imperial rule of the Russian Tsar, the city proves to be full of surprises: lavish high-society parties and shady intrigues intertwine and create an intriguing subplot. Thaumaturge It will arrive on February 20 computer, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series.

Madison VR – February 20

Madison It’s the popular horror game of 2022, this time revived with a VR switch: LucaOur hero wakes up in a dark room with his hands covered in blood and discovers that Madison, a powerful demon, has invaded his mind. To get rid of him, he will have to continue a bloody ritual that began decades ago, committing heinous acts and risking the lives of the people around him. Madison future PSVR2 On February 20, 2024.

Pacific Ride – February 22

Pacific Rim It is a first-person driving survival game in which the car is our only ally: set in a surreal version of the North-West of the United States, the game will lead us on a path full of supernatural dangers and obstacles. Particularly interesting is the soundtrack created by the well-known composer WilbertRoger II. Pacific Rim It will arrive on February 22 computer And PlayStation 5.

Roads Open – February 22

Inside Open Roads, Tess Devine and her mother Opal They discover a box of letters and old notes that reveal family secrets, thefts that occurred decades ago, and the existence of treasure near the Canadian border. Therefore, they decide to embark on a journey of discovery that will lead them to discover their family’s past. Open Roads It will arrive on February 22 computer, PlayStation4/5, Keys And Xbox One/Series.

Wrath: Infinity of Destruction – February 27

Shepherd of Souls Loss He entrusts us with the difficult task of hunting and killing the rest. Guardians of the Ancient World. Powered by legendary technology earthquake 1, Wrath It takes inspiration from the classic 90’s FPS and gives it a pinch of innovation and madness. Wrath: Infinity of Destruction It will arrive on February 27 computer, PlayStation4/5, Keys And Xbox One/Series.

Welcome to Paradise – February 29

In the picturesque town HeavenA high-tech company of survivors has developed a way to control the zombies invading the country. Once hacked, monsters become valuable allies, even if they aren’t very smart and sometimes unbalanced. Welcome to Paradise It will arrive on February 29 computer, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – February 29

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth The new chapter of the fantasy saga Square Enix: remake of the original Final Fantasy VII It was released in 1997. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It will arrive on February 29 PlayStation 5.

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