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From the famous creators of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, Unicorn Overlord Stands out for its extraordinary ability to combine exploration with an innovative combat system in a unique signature style vanilla products. Explore a vibrant world, recruit over 60 uniquely designed characters, and rise to fame across five countries in an epic fantasy experience like no other!

Gilbert (Protagonist’s ally, top left)

“Liberating an entire continent is certainly a great task.”

Crown Prince of Drakenhold. Putting himself in the shoes of his father, the king, who was killed while fighting against the Zenoiran army, Gilbert secretly raises an army to rebuild the kingdom.

Virginia (Protagonist’s ally, top right)

“Today… the Rose Knights will take their revenge!”

A survivor of the Cornia royal family. Granddaughter of Queen Ilenia and Alain’s eldest cousin. When Cornia falls, he takes refuge in Drakenhold.

Berengaria (Protagonist’s ally, bottom left)

“I told you clearly that I didn’t want you. Now why don’t you go home and bury yourself under the books you love?”

Former leader of the Tricorn Mercenaries. Widely feared for being a deadly warrior, Berengaria created her own group of mercenaries and quickly built it into a powerful force, until she suddenly disbanded the group and disappeared.

Aramis (Protagonist’s ally, bottom right)

“And I am a simple wanderer. “You can call me… Aramis.”

A Drakenhold mercenary hired by Zenoira’s army. Even though his speech and mannerisms are more elegant than you think, no one can deny his mastery in using the sword.

Social activities

You can strengthen your bonds with your military friends through battles, lunches, and other activities. As your allies get to know each other better, they will unlock private conversations and benefit from increased stats when they are in the same unit.


  • The level of closeness between characters is indicated by the Relationship statistic. When I
    As characters spend enough time together, their Relationship level will increase.
    Some character matches can also trigger Conversations
    Special report.

Report Bonus

  • The ratio is often increased by having characters in the same unit
    during wars. When creating a unit with high level characters
    Mortgage Rate, You get Rate bonus.


  • Relationships can also be established by sharing meals in large taverns.
    walled cities. If you want to improve the friendship of some characters, why not invite them?
    Is it a delicious meal?
  • The number of participants and the amount of Reports received vary depending on the courses.
    your meals.


  • Characters assigned to the garrison of a town can receive gifts. To people
    Likes to receive items and gifts increase the guard character’s Ratio
    With Alain, especially if the gift matches the taste of the recipient.

Alliance Ritual

  • The unicorn ring that Alain has has a counterpart in his maiden ring.
    Once you maximize Alain’s Relationship level with a character, you will be able to select him.
    give him the girl’s ring and perform the Alliance Ritual;
    Both will swear eternal loyalty to the other. Number of potential mates
    very wide, but only one to be chosen…

Unicorn Overlord It is rated PEGI 12+ and will be available from:March 8, 2024 On Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. For more information Unicorn Overlordpossible to visit unicornoverlord.atlus.com. Do you know the winners of The Game Awards? If you miss them, Here You can access our article about this.

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