Ultros: Psychedelic Metroidvania’s new gameplay trailer for PS5, PS4 and PC

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Hadoque’s developers have released a new version game trailer related to Ultrosthus allowing us to further enjoy this interesting psychedelic-tinged metroidvania coming to PC, PS5 and PS4. February 13.

The movie is split into two parts, the first being action-packed as we see the hero do and tear apart some of the enemies and bosses in the game, all accompanied by oppressive sound created by. El Huervo (Hotline Miami’s composer), the much more laid-back second part shows the platforming stages and interactions with the game’s strange NPCs.

What is Ultros?

Ultros one 2D action adventure Metroidvania style set in space, characterized by an eccentric graphic style. In the role of a mysterious mercenary, we will awaken in the Sarcophagus: a massive cosmic womb floating in space and containing an ancient demonic entity known as ULTROS. We will be trapped in the endless cycle of a black hole against our will, and the only way to achieve salvation will be to explore the Sarcophagus and confront the threatening alien creatures and shed light on the mysteries it hides.

On the pages of Multiplayer.it you can find our first impressions after trying Ultros last year; these were very positive, thanks to the suggestive narrative premise and seemingly very solid gameplay.

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