Ubisoft: Ads appearing in Assassin’s Creed appear to be a “technical error”

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A response comes from: Ubisoft The issue that has clearly emerged in recent hours full screen ad Appeared during some games in various episodes Assassin’s CreedThe French broadcaster reported that it was a “technical error”.

There’s no real official statement yet, but a spokesperson for Ubisoft reported the issue to The Verge, and the site asked the publisher for comment.

As reported yesterday, some gamers saw a full-screen ad for Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which is on sale for Black Friday. during matches Something that has been confirmed by others in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on various platforms and other parts of the series.

Statement from Ubisoft

In fact, the mysterious screen in question also contains some inconsistencies such as overlapping texts.

“We became aware yesterday that some players were encountering pop-up ads while playing some Assassin’s Creed games,” he said. Ubisoft spokesman Fabien Darrigueson The Verge.

“This was the result of a technical error we experienced.” resolved As soon as we became aware of the problem.” This “glitch” is not explained further, but the effect it creates seems to be targeted and specific enough to not occur randomly.

A full-screen advertising screen that specifically refers to an existing discount must, in any case, have been deliberately added to the code by the developers, because it is precisely linked to a discount.currently ongoing promotional initiative.

So we can assume that Ubisoft still wants to try this form of advertising. “Error” in this case could mean that this may be some type of test that is not intended for public distribution. Or we can cynically think that the publisher tried to launch the campaign but blocked everything when they saw the negative reactions, who knows.

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