TV Series January 2024: Return of the detectives

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We are here with our monthly column. TV series It’s coming next month. 2024 is not a very good start, with uninspiring posts and little originality. But then we appreciated the return of a highly anticipated and hugely successful series. But let’s stop talking and start our review right away!

The Tourist: Season 2 – 1 January (BBC)

The series, which tells the story of an Englishman, continues with difficulty: When he finds himself in the vast Australian territory, he loses his memory. because of an accident. Hunted by mysterious people Our hero will have to discover his past to escape death. Second season for those who are waiting Tourist turns out 1 January.

Kardeşler Güneş – January 4 (Netflix)

The leader of the powerful Taiwanese trio is coming killed by a mysterious assassin. eldest son, infamous murderer Charles “Chairleg” SunHe decides to leave to protect his mother and younger brother; His brother is unaware of his father’s criminal life. A journey of revenge and a journey in search of the meaning of brotherhood, I’m trying to get over all past disagreements. For those who want to follow the story of the Sun brothers, you will find the next 4 January.

Delicious in the Dungeon – January 4 (Netflix)

When young adventurer Laios and his company was defeated by a dragon During their journey deep into a cave The group loses all its money and supplies. Now cornered, Laios comes up with a great idea to save himself: Feed on all kinds of monsters in the cave. From then on, no creature is safe from the greedy group of adventurers. For those who want to follow them; Laios et al. They’ve been waiting for you ever since 4 January.

Echo – January 10 (Disney+)

A new hero emerges in the magnificent panorama Marvel Cinematic Universe; Echo. We will follow his story in this series. Maya Lopez, exactly what he called EchoA girl running from her past, who will have to confront her sins, reconnect with her Native American roots, and embrace her family again. For those who want to catch up on the MCU, Echo will be available from January 10.

Ted – January 11 (Peacock)

Television’s most disrespectful teddy bear returns: In this series, we will experience the adventures of teddy bears. Ted And John during high school period. As always, the teddy bear will set a bad example for the young man, but at the same time a loyal friend you can always count on. Ted will be available fromJanuary 11, 2024.

Skymed: Season 2 – January 11

The stories of the gods continue winged doctors: The plot between the characters becomes increasingly complex. air ambulancekeep saving lives. Life and death will intertwine at an altitude of over twenty thousand meters above sea level, enriched with stories that will keep you glued to the screen. For anyone interested, Skymed’s second season the next one comes out January 11.

True Detective: Season 4 – January 14 (Sky)

Perhaps the most anticipated TV series of the month. true detective we’re coming back and this time we’re moving Ennis, Alaska. As the long winter night fell over the small town, Eight researchers from Tsalal research center mysteriously disappear. two detectives, Liz Danvers And Evangeline Navarro they will have to not only facing the darkness of Alaska but also The darkness they brought with them. For those who want to catch this cult series, we leave you the link of the official website, Here. fourth season true detective waiting for you next time January 14.

Hazbin Hotel – January 19 (Prime Video)

In an effort to find a peaceful alternative overpopulation of hell, daughter of Lucifer He decides to open a hotel to give himself the opportunity. demons having problems to rehabilitate. The hotel’s doors will open for anyone who wants to follow the crazy idea of ​​the fallen angel’s daughter January 19.

Griselda – January 25 (Netflix)

The series follows the following story: Griselda Blancoruthless Colombian entrepreneur One of the most profitable cartels in history. Torn between being a loving mother and a frightening leader, her life nicknamed “Black Widow”. To follow the harrowing celebrity adventures of Griselda Blanco, you’ll have to wait for the next one January 25.

Expats – January 26 (Prime Video)

This drama series traces the life of an expatriate community to place Hong Kong’s vertical city. Love, pain, friendships and disagreements They intertwine in a storm of emotions and stories. For those who want to be impressed by the stories of these people, First season of Expats will come out 26 January.

Masters of the Air – January 26 (Apple TV+)

The series follows the events 100th American bomber group during II. World War. Based onNovel of the same name by Donald L. MillerWe will follow the tragic story of this battalion that fought against Nazi Germany. In a rebellion Adrenaline-filled scenes and fights in the skies of EuropeThe series will not only highlight, The horrors of which German soldiers were guilty but also those of war. Anyone who wants to trace this historical piece, Masters of the Air will come out 26 January.

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