Toys for Bob: Offices closed due to reduction in development team, update on the situation

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toys for bobThe studio responsible for the last Crash Bandicoot remains active. rumors about closing The sum turned out to be only partially correct. Instead, the closure of the offices was confirmed by a report from Canadian Guy, a YouTuber who is very close to the company and is essentially considered quite trustworthy, although the reason for this cannot be found at the software house’s end.

In simpler terms, Toys for Bob’s workforce has grown from 86 people to 50 people; This number was too small to justify renting the offices where it was located. So the bosses would take advantage of this to implement the plan that would allow everyone to work remotely, that is, from home. Microsoft would not impose anything on all this, accepting the decision of the developers.

New projects are being developed

The report also mentions new projects that are being developed, although it is not known which ones. But what’s important is that the studio isn’t shut down completely, because that would be a real shame considering how many years it’s been in the industry and the quality of its latest games, including Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. . Naturally, this would also be a negative signal for the entire industry, given the very high number of layoffs in recent months.

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