Tomb Raider I-II-III Remastered: Preload date and sizes announced on PS4 and PS5

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Only a few days left until launch Tomb Raider I-II-III Remastered and as always, PlayStation Game Size has searched the PlayStation Store database to bring us information about the game. boot date Digital copies for PS4 and PS5 and application weight.

Let’s talk in terms of size It reaches 3,963 GB on PS5 and 7,365 GB on PS4Either way, we’re talking about two featherweights. Weight refers to versions 1,000,001 for PS5 and 1.01 for PS4; therefore, it also includes the first corrective patch, which may be followed by others at launch and in the following weeks.

The start of pre-load on PlayStation Store has been determined At the stroke of midnight between February 11 and 12or two days before launch, on February 14, will also be set for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Tomb Raider I-II-III is a collection containing remastered versions for modern platforms of the first three adventures starring Lara Craft. Therefore we will find one modernized graphics sectionfixed and other lighting effects calculated in real time, new animation effects and polygonal models for Lara, enemies and environments.

Also among the new features will be the 16:9 video format. higher resolution and frame rate and the ability to switch between the remastered versions of the three games and the original at any time. However, on the gameplay side, Aspyr developers chose not to change anything, limiting themselves to adding a command scheme appropriate for the times.

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