TMNT The Last Ronin: Half the team is about to be fired, what will happen to the game?

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Embracer Group continues to suffer, and now the development team Dark Forest Games have laid off half the workforce. This is the Destroy All Humans team and what’s more interesting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Roningame currently in development.

Kotaku He revealed this information in a new report, which predicts 4,000 layoffs in the gaming market in the first 24 days of 2024.

According to Kotaku, black Forest The staff was informed about the layoffs yesterday (January 24). Affected staff will be provided with further information next week. There is currently no official information from the team on the subject.

Who is left and what will happen to the Last Ronin?

A source familiar with Black Forest told Kotaku that creative directors and “most, if not all” executives will keep their jobs, but no one is safe.

It is currently unclear how the God of War-inspired game TMNT: The Last Ronin will be affected by these layoffs. The game, which has a dark and mature side, will not arrive for a few years, but it is not yet known how long it will take to be released, as there is only half of the Black Forest left. Assuming that the project will come to light.

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