TimeSplitters: The canceled reboot could have been a free-to-play battle royale game

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A system reboot is expected, an interview with an unidentified former member of Free Radical Design revealed. Time Dividers may be something other than the deleted originals; in this situation free to play battle royale.

The information comes from the Free Radical Archive, a community-run archive that collects information, documents and materials about TimeSplitters, which was in development and was canceled after the Free Radical team was shut down by Embracer Group. Some images emerged from the same source yesterday.

The source itself cannot be considered official; Therefore, the information it contains should be considered hearsay, since the subject of the interview is unknown: he appears to be the developer of the team, but his name remains secret.

A project that publishers should like

Concept art of TimeSplitters

From what’s reported in this document, it appears that the new TimeSplitters is a free-to-play battle royale game, so it’s something quite different from the original first-person shooters.

Actually this was supposed to be a title multiplayerFeaturing different modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and other options specific to competitive multiplayer shooters.

Since it was supposed to be free to play, various things were also planned micro transactions such as additional skins and various characters, at least according to the original plans. Reportedly the developers weren’t actually too happy about this drag, but pitching it to the publisher to have a chance of completing the project seemed like the best idea.

The unnamed developer explained that, therefore, the team’s co-founder Steve Ellis decided to pitch TimeSplitters to Deep Silver first and foremost as a battle royale game with microtransactions, in order to more safely get the green light, but the idea might be was: Once development begins, make changes to the project to bring it closer to the original idea.

It is difficult to say whether this information is true or not, the fact is that the TimeSplitters project was canceled and the Free Radical team was closed. The intellectual property remains in the hands of Embracer Group, which may decide to relaunch it in some form in the future.

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