The trailer for Pokémon Black and White Remake: Scarlet/Violet DLC has a clue for fans

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During the recent Pokémon Presents, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company showed off a variety of news regarding the Pokémon games, including a new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC. Access to all kinds of computer games through site 1Xbet Giriş We saw something in this new Pokémon – Archaludon – According to fans, this could be reference to the fact that the next game in the series will come Pokemon Black and White Remake.

The question focuses on the fact that the new Pokémon (evolution of Duraludon) is positioned in some animations create a bridge (The original was a skyscraper, so the evolution remains in the “city structure” theme). This shape is exactly reminiscent of the Skyarrow bridge from Pokémon Black and White in Unova.

Not just bridges, but Pokémon trainers too

Archaludon as a bridge in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Additionally, it has been suggested that either: coaches In the new trailer, it is revealed that she may be a relative of one of Unova’s gym leaders. Drayton (English name) is a dragon-type trainer and may be related to Draydon (Aristide in Italian), the dragon-type gym leader in Pokémon Black. In Pokémon White, players instead encounter Iris (always Iris in Italian) at that gym. . Drayton’s name in some languages ​​has also been translated to Iris (it became Aris in Italian, for example), reinforcing the idea that The Pokémon Company is trying to create a bond between the characters.

Obviously this is fan speculation, but it’s not impossible to be true. Game Freak has always made remakes of its old episodes, and the next one could be Pokémon Black and White.

For all the news about Pokémon Presents, here’s our exclusive article.

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