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Exiles: Ghosts of the New Eden is a new third-person role-playing game developed by. Don’t nod and published by Focus on Fun. Officially released on February 12, 2024 PlayStation 5, computer And Xbox Series, title It stood out from the very beginning with its innovative mechanics and high artistic quality. Here is the review VMAG!

The power of a god in our hands

From the first moments of the story, we find ourselves antea And Redtwo exilesthat is, special individuals responsible for managing the world of the living and the dead and the transition between the two worlds. Two colleagues in love and a de facto couple are called to handle the case of a haunted city in the American colony. New heavenA place ruled by dangerous spirits who have no intention of leaving.

Our task will be to choose their fate and return the city to its inhabitants. To do this we will first need to understand the reason why they decided to stay: by finding clues, questioning people and solving puzzles we will be able to understand their reasons, contact the entities and choose whether to decide or not. ban them (send them to hell), climb them (send them to heaven) or block them in the earthly world.


When questions are not necessary

But let’s start with the flaws. Isn’t it useless to ask for things from the people we meet? Definitely yes. The only dialogue options that make sense for the purposes of the narrative are those highlighted as follows: task symbol; all the others are just side questions that can be easily ignored. The same can be said for all objects and letters that can be interacted with. can be found during our explorations. These elements could be integrated into the puzzles and the narrative itselfHowever, unnecessary elements remain that do not add any value to the product other than enriching the environmental narrative.

Another negative element is very little interaction in the worldoutside of the main quests: transitional or secondary areas are mostly flat and devoid of “life”, even if short and limited. There are no side quests or specific events that can distract us from the main story for a moment. Level designers have tried to fill these empty spaces with battles and “invaded areas”, but these ideas are repeatable in the long run.


Love or Justice?

Story Red And anteaUnfortunately, a turning point comes: The demon invading the city turns out to be extremely powerful, and Antea is killed in the conflict. However, the woman, now a ghost, decides to stay in the world of the living and help Red on his mission. Red must decide whether to resurrect her lover or raise him to heaven.

Although the first option seems the most obvious, a problem arises: The ritual of resurrection requires the sacrifice of lives. If Red wanted to pursue this goal, he would have to condemn the ghosts to a melancholic and eternal earthly life. This moral dilemma It overwhelms the player from the first hours of the game and adds an extra touch to the depth of the story.


Ghosts, many ghosts

The game world is full of dangerous ghosts who are trapped in the mundane world and try to hinder our mission. These evil spirits eager to kill us come in various types and forms: From the simplest to the most complex ghosts, each type requires a different approach to combatHe cleverly takes advantage of Red and Antea’s abilities, even at the same time.

Combat is extremely fluid and satisfying; God of War. transition between Red And antea is fast, movements and attacks are responsive, skill tree in depth and allows the player to choose upgrades that best suit their play style. After a series of shots it will finally be possible Forbidden The ghost deals a large amount of damage to him.


A delight for our eyes

Our journey will take us across areas and settings that are always different from each other and always paying attention to the smallest detail: from the port of New Eden to the haunted forests, from the city church to distant caves, Especially after Antea’s disappearance, everything takes on a sinister and dark atmosphere that has incredible emotional power. Thanks to its mystical connection, we will be able to see things that living creatures cannot see and enrich the world around us.

Despite our limited ability to explore, the world never leaves us feeling claustrophobic and almost always leaves us free to choose where to go and what to explore. We almost forgot the most important thing: Any limitations the game imposes on us are motivating and/or meaningful in the narrative flow, eliminates the feeling of disappointment. Congratulations!

All in all, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a 2024 gem that delivers major emotions thanks to its well-written story, fluid and entertaining combat, and top-notch technical side. The dialogue choices are not effective for the purposes of the narrative, but the choices we make in the various investigations are always different and stimulating, filled with a moral weight that will keep us glued to the screen. Gorgeous environments and music provide the perfect backdrop to our adventure.

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