The most famous movies inspired by video games: 5 titles

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Video games have fascinated young people for decades, not only because of the ability to control specific characters summoned to perform specific tasks, but also because of the stories surrounding those that become real gamer favorites in the long run. Of course, not all virtual games offer well-made and defined plots; even in some more modern entertainments slots available onlineComparable to real video games in many ways, the aim of this game is to simply press buttons to play. Even the heroes of video game worlds, whether a platformer or a fighting game, hide particularly interesting and evocative backgrounds. Over time, cinema did not neglect to pay attention to this interesting sector of the huge entertainment industry, and in the 1980s began to show on the big screen not only the characters of the most famous films, but also the relationship between them. flesh and blood players.

An iconic feature film is undoubtedly represented by: “The little big wizard of video gamesJimmy Woods, a 9-year-old American boy, suffers from mutism and reveals an incredible talent for video games after running away from home with his brother. At this point, the idea of ​​having Jimmy compete in a tournament with a large prize pool comes naturally. There are many games that are actually advertised throughout the movie, from “Mega Man 2” to “Super Mario Bros. 3”, which has not yet been released by Nintendo and became internationally known thanks to this movie. .

“Instead, if we think of products for the big screen that tell the adventures of video game characters, it definitely comes to our mind.”Street Fighter – Final Fight” was inspired by the famous series of fighting games that often appeared in arcades. Here too, the real enemy is M. Bison, who aims to enrich himself and rule over the people as a real dictator. Opposing him is primarily Guile, the commander of the Allied Nations, and later in the story he will be joined by other well-known faces of the video game, such as Ryu and Ken, who are initially presented as a couple of experienced crooks. .

Much newerSuper Mario Brothers – Movie” was released in theaters worldwide in April 2023. Indeed, Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber became the protagonist of the cinema 30 years ago. highly criticized live action “Super Mario Brothers.”. Mario returns to the big screen, this time with an animated movie that makes extensive use of computer graphics. Trying to include as much as possible all the characters presented over these years, the story constantly winks to fans of the “capital N”, adding numerous Easter eggs, which bring to mind many titles imprinted in the memory of the author. Gamers experiencing the dawn of the “console wars”.

In fact, Nintendo has long been a rival of SEGA; its mascot is Sonic The Hedgehog, a blue hedgehog with immeasurable speed who was specifically designed to create a gap with Mario and make the most of the Mega Drive’s potential to steal their market share. NES and SNES. “Sonic – The MovieReleased in 2020, with a sequel released 2 years later, the film gave the public a much more cheerful image of classic Sonic, who was described in the early video games as a little guy with a strong and sometimes angular character. . His backstory was also rewritten, but the writers still found a way to introduce many other characters into the plot, who were always close to the hedgehog figure.

Finally, Pokémon couldn’t be missing either; which essentially revolutionized the video game landscape from the mid-90s and came to the Game Boy with a game that was split into two almost identical versions, differing only in some types of catchable monsters. It came to theaters in 2019.”Detective PikachuIt’s a mixed-media film that allows people to beautifully interface with various types of Pokémon. The story revolves around the figure of Pikachu, undoubtedly the most famous of pocket monsters, who eventually joins the protagonist Tim Goodman to solve a mystery that concerns them both personally…

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