The best video games on airplanes of 2024

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Video games in the flight simulator industry appear to be flying in the same vein as ever, with two giants vying for leadership and countless entertainments for less demanding gamers. Overall, we’ve identified five 2023 games that will almost certainly see minor or major changes for next 2024. Let’s start right away with the first one.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (for console, PC and cloud) is available in Standard, Premium and Deluxe editions that can be purchased or selected by subscription. Available from XBox and Windows 10/11, this game is considered one of the most realistic and complete flight simulators on the market. More than 37,000 airports, two million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, as well as mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic and much more are rendered in realistic and stunning detail. With MFS, you can improve your piloting skills with an experience adapted to your level with interactive instructions and checklists, in many aircraft from light aircraft to commercial jets. Launch of the 2024 version on PC and Xbox Series We will soon discover its brand new features.

X-plane 12 is trying to keep up with Microsoft Flight Simulator, although the attempts made so far are not enough, possibly trying to fly higher than its rival. The flight simulator created by Laminar Research will not be able to exempt itself from the competition and will have to make new improvements to what looks like an eternal second in terms of fight & flight simulator. The latest version complains of some glaring geographical omissions in the flight scenarios (example: no Vatican City) which may conceal an ideological approach that goes beyond purely tongue-in-cheek vision. Overall, according to industry experts, the 2023 version is rather crude and designed for a less demanding niche than MFS. Therefore, some graphical improvements should be expected in terms of visual impact, but also in terms of content and geographical world.

We leave aside the professional sector and the most demanded versions of the market and instead dive into the simplest simulators for playing online. Thus, the Aviator, which already stands out among the great classics of the industry, emerges. Definitely known and appreciated by fans of the iGaming industry, Aviator is a flight simulator with a wink at bets and potential winnings. In fact, it is possible to play in just a few clicks and above all from mobile devices. A complete and detailed guide to how the game works and where you can find it online is available in the “Instant Games” section of the site. Casino Super Bets. A few changes have been implemented by the developers over time, but we are waiting for 2024 to see if the game will be perfected with some additional details regarding gameplay, bets and payouts.

Always from mobile and for a target that isn’t particularly challenging, here it is Infinite Flight SimulatorIt is designed to recreate a flight simulation experience on the small screen, suitable for both beginners and slightly more experienced players. Available in free and premium versions, IFS offers realistic gameplay with excellent graphics, dozens of free planes and all airports in the world, most of them in HD. With the 2024 version, it will be possible to engage in high-resolution scenarios in various parts of the world and customize each flight by choosing the times, weather conditions and the best aircraft weight configuration.

Also available on Google Play is Turboprop Flight Simulator, a 3D civil and military aircraft simulation game in which you can fly various types of turboprop planes and drive ground vehicles. The graphics are not the best but the gameplay is quite fun and addictive. Some users complain about the absence of various turbulences and some kind of emergency.

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