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Nintendo Indie World It is a live broadcast event organized by . Nintendo’s It was created to highlight games and companies that would otherwise have a hard time exposing themselves to the general public and getting the attention they deserve. Here’s a summary of what they are, in our opinion: The most interesting headlines that emerged during the event:

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

Shantae Progress It is the new episode of the independent series created by. Forward: the basic game mechanic is being able to transform into somethinga wide variety of animals depending on need. For example, we can be an elephant and breaking big rocks or choose a little monkey to overcome narrow routes and climbs. The new episode also introduces the mode Multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Core Goalkeeper

Core Goalkeeper this is a’isometric sandbox adventure This allows you to play together online with up to 8 players. Trapped underground by an ancient artifact, our hero will have to survive by exploring a huge procedurally generated cave. The game also contains a complex structure to produce this allows you to create what is necessary to fight and defeat enemies.

in your queue

Developed by Unforgettable Games, game set up Borgo Marinanice place near cervia. in your queue It is a completely narrative research. hero Diana He is after a suspicious figure and will have to overcome many difficulties to find him.

Star Named EOS

Star Named EOS this is a narrative puzzle game developed by Silver Lining Studio: There is a story hidden behind every object, whether it is a painting or a photograph, and it is up to us to understand how much of this story is real and how much has been replaced by memories.

Sword Chimera

One osaka dystopian future, Sword Chimera is a side-scrolling action game that will put you in the shoes of a member. Congregational ChurchA group tasked with protecting the city from the attack of demons. We will clothe the bread of the elect who accept the mighty Sword of Fairy Lightis nothing but a demon turned into a weapon: the sword not only inflicts great harm on demons, but also manipulate timeIt allows us to go to places we cannot reach.

Moonstone Island

Inside Moonstone IslandIt will be our main goal to be. the best alchemist in the world, to learn as much as possible and explore 100 islands around the world. During our journey we will be able to capture more than 60 souls through card combat, meet villagers, develop and improve our camp, synthesizing compounds and creating potions.

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