Texas Chainsaw Massacre, development team steps aside and passes the baton

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Developer Sumo Nottingham declared his intention interrupt development of the video game Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sumo Nottingham said it would complete work on the game “shortly”. Work on the game will continue under the leadership of a manager. new developerHowever, Gun Interactive has not yet announced which one.

This news was surprising for many reasons, including the fact that the game has been available for less than a year, making it difficult to transition from one developer to another. happened quickly (The announcement was made today, but clearly everything had to be in the pipeline for at least a few months).

“This The Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn’t changing its plans whether in terms of support, content or longevity,” Gun Interactive said.

Although it’s not exactly the same scenario, This isn’t the first time Gun Interactive has been involved in this type of situation. Before Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Gun Interactive released Friday the 13th: The Game, developed by IllFonic. Shortly after the announcement, it was revealed in 2018 that the game would no longer receive new content, but IllFonic withdrew from the project and Black Tower Studios confirmed that it would take over development.

Sumo Nottingham’s full message

“The Sumo Nottingham team will be shutting down their chainsaws and traps shortly as their work on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to an end,” he says. Message from Sumo Nottingham. “The team will work closely with the new developer to ensure an efficient and seamless transition for players. We want to thank Gun Interactive for being a great partner over the last four years and giving our team of gamers the opportunity to escape the fear they have become attached to this iconic game. Studio “looks forward to sharing its next exciting project with you in due course.”

Finally, we leave you with our review of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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