Terraria: Players allow the team to delay an update

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community terrarium gave the game developer “permission” to delay the next update. This time, developer Redigit reached out to its community and asked if it should be delayed. 1.4.5 update, hurry up or drop everything and create a new game. The community overwhelmingly voted for the first option.

Redigit and team they will take all the time necessary (let’s assume) Making Terraria Update 1.4.5 the best it can be. It’s an interesting development that out of 26,366 games, over 23% required the developer to cancel everything and make a new game.

The option with the least votes was the one that asked the team to: to hurry and quickly move on to the next update.

Terraria is still selling well


This is the terrarium I’ve been around for 12 years and continues to be updated, although the author has stated several times that the next update will actually be the last update. But the team retraces its steps and churns out new content every time.

The reason is very simple. Terraria as noted by Redigit continues to sell well and therefore the team needs to continue to support the game.

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