Talos Principle 2 Review: Philosophy and Puzzles

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Many times we VMAG We wonder how some developers manage to transition from one genre to another in game development so well. Serious Sam 4 Elegant, calm and thoughtful in 2020 Talos Principle 2. No matter how skeptical one might be of a puzzle game due to its completely mysterious and logical nature, Talos Principle 2 It manages to show that there can be much more between one puzzle and another, leading the player to think and ask questions that go beyond any rational horizon.

Move, Reflect, Move again and move on to the next

Inside Talos Principle 2 We are moving to the location immediately game loop Throughout the rest of the game: publicly available explorable open map areas 8 main puzzles to solve, 2 secondary, 2 puzzle statues this is a Golden Door PuzzleIt can be used towards the end of the game.

8 main puzzles They will be the most important as they will allow the player to meet with me different vehicles Useful for solving puzzles: from simple to beam reflectorswith gravity modifiers, RGB converters And field activators. Under this perspective, croteam It completed an excellent job, ensuring that the difficulty level increases correctly and allowing the player to learn and master the mechanics, happily continuing and ready to face new challenges.

secondary puzzlesThose represented by the cyan triangle are slightly more difficult than the main ones and offer a small additional challenge that can always be encountered in the early stages of the game, without requiring excessive mental effort or the use of online guides to beat the level. . Secondary puzzles also serve as tutorials: they suggest unusual uses of tools that we would not normally look for but that will be very useful to us later.

Finally, there are: Golden Door Puzzle, can be unlocked after completing all the main puzzles, towards the end: these are the definitive challenge the game offers. These puzzles will be particularly difficult and may require help “from home”. We VMAG Even though it seems impossible, we can confirm that it will be enough to look at the game environment and think. “Everything that exists serves a purpose.” To find the solution easily.

In playgrounds open map In addition to the puzzles, there will also be 2 statues pandora, Prometheus or Sphinx. These 3 characters (introduced during the game) represent 3 types of challenges that must be completed on the map: pandora This will require the crate in your hand to be hit with a laser beam of a precise color, which reflects the beam of light thanks to some connectors scattered around the map.

will be there later Prometheus While his torch is off, he will ask us to find the burning flame: To find it, just follow the halo reflected by the torch in his hand. We will then need to chase this essence around the map, run through it and start it again (because it will stop at several points), and then take it to the statue of Prometheus.

Finally there are statues SphinxThe most mysterious because it suggests “simple” treasure hunt This will cause us to look for strange squares around the map (perhaps it has to do with some pillars around the map or some levers to pull…).

Talos Principle 2

Inside Talos Principle 2 There is the possibility of exploring the game world: 12 fully explorable chapters that will contain not only puzzles, but also breathtaking landscapes created thanks to the technologies presented.Unreal Engine 5, buildingsthe rest human works, dialogue And texts The surrounding collectibles add depth to the title and give us the chance to explore what happened over time and immerse ourselves in the imagination of the creators of these landscapes.

something that goes beyond

Talos Principle 2 It manages to propose a growing puzzle system with great ingenuity, but it doesn’t end there: Talos Principle 2 It’s about people who carry our anxieties, vulnerabilities, and fears, even though they share almost nothing about our appearance. On a journey that initially seems to be about the supernatural, we begin to explore a world outside the bubble we and our peers have lived in for years, filled with unique landscapes, human remains, and never-before-seen technologies.

The journey we took Talos Principle 2 It is full of discoveries: new technologies, new puzzles, new ways to use tools, new landscapes, but also new perspectives, new ways to think outside the box, but above all stories that repeat themselves and will repeat themselves if we do not decide to break these cycles. In fact, throughout the plot we will question not only our companions, but also ourselves, we will ask ourselves what we want to be, what we want to do with all the knowledge we have, whether we should be afraid or elevate ourselves. more than that.

Talos Principle 2

The Talos Principle 2 hides behind the puzzle game genre, but in reality, it is a game that manages to hone the player’s level of challenge and mind, leading to intellectual growth with increasingly difficult puzzles. Thanks to the excellent progression system and breathtaking environments, the game manages to raise questions and doubts in the player, causing the player to ask himself what is best and what is right above all else.

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