Take Two says GTA won’t be a movie because video games make more money

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With the tremendous success achieved worldwide, one might think: film related to Grand Theft Auto It may be a safe investment given the prevailing trend in the video game market during this period, but Take Two disagrees and argues that such an initiative is necessary. it might not be worth it and taking this into consideration You earn more with video games.

This has been reported very clearly Strauss Zelnick, president of Take TwoDuring a recent financial meeting, he was also asked about the possibility of GTA being adapted into a theatrical film.

“The chances of success in the movie industry are much lower than in the interactive entertainment industry,” Zelnick said. “Our hit rate for console products is around 80% or 90%, while for the movie studio it’s around 30%, which means: 70% chance of a movie failingin the event that we entrust one of our licenses”.

The movie is too risky

First official image from the set of the Borderlands movie

The Take Two boss therefore seems quite pragmatic in this approach: it’s mainly about percentages. real probability of success Therefore, the return on investments is always risky for cinema.

Also a possible failure of a GTA movie damage the image About the new movie of the video game series, which has been a huge success so far without a shadow of a doubt: “If we were faced with a failure,” Zelnick said about the possibility of a movie not being the success we hope for: “We risk jeopardizing ‘the entire intellectual property’ will face.

Despite this, it seems that Take Two is generally not averse to this type of operation, given that there has been a Borderlands movie in development for some time, as well as a BioShock movie, and that both movies are owned by that publisher. It seems Take Two is specifically opposed to adapting GTA outside of video games.

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