Super Mario 64: First gameplay video featuring Luigi appeared 26 years after its release

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26 years after launch Super Mario 64 The first and perhaps the last trailer Luigi’s gameIt was originally planned to be included in the game as part of the local multiplayer mode.

This sequence was discovered thanks to an old video recorded on the VHS of Japanese Space World, where the Nintendo 64 was first introduced in 1995. The video in question was published on a channel. YouTube it was virtually unknown and unnoticed, but someone with an incredibly keen eye for detail noticed that in one of the sequences a screen was framed by a brief frame. Luigi’s gameplay is just over a second longWhich we can see in the clip below.

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Why isn’t Luigi in Super Mario 64?

Excluding the character model speculated from game files from 2020, Luigi is seen for the first time in the original Super Mario 64.

As originally stated, original plans were for Luigi to appear in the game as the second playable hero for one person. two player co-op mode Super Mario 64.

However, in the final stages of development Nintendo decided to abandon this ideaAs revealed by Shigeru Miyamoto, who described it in 1996 as “a room made of Lego-like blocks where Mario and Luigi can run, climb, jump, and so on,” which seems to correspond to the brief sequence seen in the video.

“We were going to include this in a Mario Bros.-style minigame, but since most users probably only had one controller when they bought the N64, we (and others) decided not to do that,” Miyamoto said at the time.

“I think it would be great if we managed to make the game two-player with Mario and Luigi. But if we did it wrong, it would be a fighting game or something (laughs), so let’s leave that fight for next time.”

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