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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League This is a title created by Rocksteady Studiosknown for its epic in the past Batman, and available PS5, Xbox Series And PC (Steam). Game highly criticized by fans for its model GaaS (Game as a Service)has announced since the release of numerous free updates that will enrich the experience with new events and characters. Here’s our review!

An impossible task

The story takes place five years after the events. Batman: Arkham Knight, In a completely different city: we will meet metropolisA place partially destroyed and taken under control by the army Intelligent. We are in his place Task force so called suicide squad, composed by Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot And King Shark: We are obliged to work together to save the world, we are under your command Amanda Waller army leader ARGUS, Our goal will be to gather other characters, destroy Brainiac’s army, and kill every member of the group. Justice League. Isn’t it easy?

get used to the old GothamAn avid gamer may find himself confused in the first minutes of exploration. mostly generic and uninspired map. The story is full of comical interludes that deliberately disrupt the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and lighten the burden of the narrative.

Suicide Squad

During our experience, we will also get help from other famous characters of the universe. : will be there Penguin, which will provide increasingly powerful weapons, Poison ivy, in miniature format that will allow us to use changes, toys shop And Lex Luthor, This will allow us to upgrade weapons, e.g. Gizmo, Who will deliver the vehicles to us? members Justice LeagueOn the other hand, they will all be mind-controlled puppets. colonialThe greatest evil of the DC world.

In general, the story creates rocksteady It’s enjoyable, interesting and entertaining, but becomes confusing and unclear in the final chapters. In fact, the title could easily have been a spinoff of the original or a “what if”, considering canonicity The plot of this game is very heavy on the plot. If you want to learn more about recruiting Task forceat work comic this is for you!

Suicide Squad

Fight until the last bullet

battle system Suicide Squad slightly different from the previous ones, getting closer together third person shooter instead of a fighting game. In general, you’ll spend most of your time shooting at anything that moves, paying particular attention to quick reloads, critical hits, and leg kicks that will weaken the enemy and allow for melee attacks, useful for shield recovery. Besides, the actor greater possibility of movement As the story progresses during the battles, he will find himself in different situations and difficulties.

Each team member has a set of unique weapons; these changed and a skill tree divided into three categories that can be modified at any time to suit gameplay. Another important battle mechanic is counterattackIt is an essential element to overcome. boss battles. The latter is gorgeous but not particularly difficult due to the lack of emotion and impact in the final shot.

minions Intelligent They’re nothing special, remaining pretty forgettable generic aliens. SniperA skilled and particularly difficult foe. The entire gaming experience can be experienced multiplayer, Cannot be played by up to four people offline until next updates. side quests They will put the player in certain situations that will force them to adapt: ​​only critical hits, only shielding hits, etc. These missions are fun and will be challenging, even if repetitive, in the later stages.

Suicide Squad

A walk through the apocalypse

To be open the world, The ability to move quickly around the map is crucial, and although there is only one teleporter in the entire map, each character’s abilities don’t make pulling off moves too difficult. Harley Quinnfor example, he has a grappling hook gun and a bat drone at his disposal, boomers Has the ability to teleport thanks to his speed glove Flash, Death shot when you have a jetpack King Shark Can make huge leaps with his brute strength.

metropolis It’s not a very big city, and even if there’s no incentive for exploration, the various areas are all available from the start: the only impetus we have is riddles of the jigsaw puzzle. Riddler offers 3 types of challenges: trophy search, riddles And time trials; By completing them we will be able to unlock concept art, codec information and various skins for the heroes. Moreover, the map will constantly change shape according to the plot and frequent dialogues. Lois Lane.

Suicide Squad

Post-Game and GaaS

After finishing the main quest we will find ourselves in the mode Crisis is Over, With new missions of increasing difficulty that will unlock unique and increasingly better equipment. This part of the game designed specifically for online, It does not offer instructions and risks that will leave the player in complete confusion.

The service also includes: internal store allowing you to purchase various skins and emoticons, clan with your fellow players and world ranking. The development studio has also planned the first free expansion coming soon March 2024will introduce Joker, as a playable character and the new world other worlds.

Suicide Squad

We VMAG We think Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a good game in every respect. Despite the controversies associated with the narrative direction taken above all and the GaaS (Game as a Service) model adopted, the combat and customization system are excellent, as is the characterization of the characters, except for the members of the Justice League. . The not too long story turns out to be acceptable and entertaining, also thanks to the excellent Italian dubbing. Finally, the open world elements are few and lagging, and the overall design lacks personality, which can negatively impact the immersion of the game.

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