Subnautica: New episode from Krafton documentation looks like a live service co-op

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New chapter Subnautica Revealed in financial documents kraftonThe company that broadcasts the series in which the game appears as a TV series 4 player cooperative live serviceComing in 2024.

In fact, for a while there was no news about the new part of the series, Subnautica 2, which will actually be Subnautica 3. Meanwhile, considering that Subnautica: Below Zero was released, it was already confirmed by Unknown. The World Championship team, which also promised information shortly last December.

This official information has not yet arrived, but we can take a literal look at some indicators from the financial report of publisher Krafton, where the new Subnautica looks quite different from the survival model we are used to.

Something different but not too much

Subnautica remains a much-loved survival game

In fact, the report mentions a game under development based on the Game as a Service (GaaS) model. Unreal Engine 5 The game is expected to arrive in 2024, apparently focusing on 4-player cooperative multiplayer for at least part of the gaming experience.

In the report “a ocean world It is represented by impressive stylized graphics for a game that will take us “to explore the mysteries of a completely new alien planet.” Although these are elements that easily connect to the tradition of the series, it is obvious that there will be some new things in the structure.

Subnautica continues to be held in high regard even in a competitive environment such as: survivaland therefore it could have interesting implications in the field of live service multiplayer, although this innovation may not be well received by enthusiasts, we’ll see.

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