SteamWorld Build, trailer for the city-building game set in SteamWorld

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SteamWorld Structure It’s currently available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as confirmed by . lunch promotion Published by Image & Form for fascinating city ​​founder It takes place in the SteamWorld universe.

SteamWorld Build, which was received with positive votes by the international press, uses the traditional mechanics of such simulations. dungeon crawler elements.

Also if you have a subscription Xbox Game Pass You can download the game immediately at no additional cost.


In our review of SteamWorld Build, we praised Image & Form’s efforts to build an overall solid and well-finished city, although it lacks the depth offered by more famous representatives of the genre.

We can say the same for the dungeon crawler sections, they are nice, yes, but they do not meet the standard of productions such as Dungeons 4.

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