Steam adds “dwarf” tag thanks to Dwarf Fortress and Deep Rock Galactic

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Recently, the developers of Dwarf Fortress and Deep Rock Galactic launched a half-joking campaign to get the game. “nano” tag or rather “dwarf” SteamSo fans of the dwarf genre can also find games starring fantasy dwarves in the Valve store.

Initially, Gabe Newell’s software house had refused to satisfy them, as stated in a joint statement released on January 31; However, he stated that he would add it if Steam users started using the tag. The developers therefore invited fans of their games to tag them with “Dwarf” wherever it made sense to build pressure. Lid.

There are elves too

Dwarfs won

The reaction was swift and massive. After all, we are talking about people who willingly moved to live in the mines of Moria, therefore very durable and absolutely not afraid of especially hard rock faces. Unsheathing their mithril tools, fans began digging in on dozens of threads.

The result is now Dwarf is an official labelwith dozens of titles already linked. All things are good that end well. Moreover, the “Elf” tag has been added… Imagine the Dwarves’ reactions if they are not satisfied. Except for the War of the Ring.

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