Starfield and Red Dead Redemption 2 awards spark controversy over Steam Awards

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They were appointed in the last few hours Steam Awards 2023It saw many titles won in a fairly predictable manner, but there were also some awards shows that sparked some. discussionslike those Star Field And Red Dead Redemption 2So much so that it brings to mind some kind of joke made by the community.

Steam Rewards originate from: community votesIt is thus a popularity contest that could be subject to such initiatives if a large portion of public opinion points in a particular direction, but it is not easy to “organize” the vote on a pilot basis. One such user example is sufficient.

But some of the results are a bit confusing. This is not a matter of questioning the titles per se, as both certainly deserve recognition; more like, categories rewarded, which almost reminds one of some sort of ironic joke played by players on Steam.

Trolling Steam users?

Red Dead Online was deemed so “dead” that users held a funeral for it

Game of the year has been announced for Baldur’s Gate 3, as do many other categories looking quite acceptable, but one can’t help but be excited about the awards for Starfield and Red Dead Redemption 2 suspicious.

Starfield was actually awarded the Most Innovative Gameplay Award: While the game certainly deserves recognition, this is probably not the area where we expected to see it. lack of innovation It’s actually one of the most criticized elements of the game when compared to Bethesda’s traditional canons.

Considering that most of the negative comments somewhat disparaging Starfield on Steam focus on the outdatedness of some of the game’s mechanics, the idea that the bounty is some kind of provocation on the part of the community emerges.

Perhaps Red Dead Redemption 2’s case is even more obvious: the game won the “Labour of Love Award”, which should be given to games that continue to receive it. Support intensely even after the developers released it.

Red Dead Online has been the center of criticism from the community for years, as it was essentially abandoned by Rockstar Games, complete with demos and even a “funeral” of sorts in-game to show how negatively players viewed the support. It has been shown by the team in recent years.

Even in this case, the reward seems to stem more from somethingcoordinated “trolling” action By users who do not provide a real assessment of the game’s qualities. All this raises some doubts about the true value of the Steam Awards, but in a vibrant community like the Valve platform, it is difficult for a popular vote to avoid certain dynamics.

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