Starfield, a mod will let you pilot a machine: here it is in the video

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PC version Star Field will get one soon mode This allows you to piloting a machine In the Bethesda game, as seen in the video below. Has the dream of Xbox exclusive fans come true?

The Todd Howard-directed game is fresh off its win at the Steam Awards does not officially include this featureAt least now modder Jared Kohr has thought about filling this gap.

An innovation that can create joy many users It contributed to Starfield surpassing Baldur’s Gate 3 in terms of hours played, confirming the extraordinary popularity of the sci-fi action RPG.

Starfield’s future is bright

Jared Kohr’s mood It will still take some work to prepareand who knows if Bethesda will be able to predict this through official updates planned for Starfield every six weeks starting in February?

Considering how far a game like No Man’s Sky has come over the years, there’s no doubting how good Stafield has been at it. enormous potential Regarding post-launch support, Microsoft wants the game to accompany us for a long time.

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