Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons themed live concert comes to Italy

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After the great success of the first shows, Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons It will also reach Italy with new dates added to the tour. official live concert Dedicated to the game.

There will even be a concert among the stops of the tour. Milan on 9 May 2024, at the Carcano Theatre, tickets can be purchased from TicketOne. Festival of Seasons is a production of SOHO Live, a Tokyo-based, Italian-based company that specializes in creating live concerts inspired by the most memorable video game and anime soundtracks.

A symphonic experience curated by him. Eric “Worry Monkey” BaroneHe is the creator and composer of the music for Stardew Valley, which revisits the game based on its music.

The orchestra concert is divided into two four actsEach one represents one of the four seasons, thus addressing the rural and idyllic theme of the video game in question. The transitions of the seasons are marked by music referencing the various seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, in addition to the concert program, also mark other themes drawn from places, festivals and residents in the village.

A great music show

A moment from the Stardew Valley concert

Fans will be able to enjoy songs like Dance of the Moonlight Jellies and Stardew Valley Overture, as well as a host of surprises curated by ConcernedApe. Can also be purchased at concerts furniture Exclusive to Stardew Valley, only available at stops on this tour.

The tour’s nine dates include numerous additional concerts in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania, making the tour 13 countries.

Eric Barone, creator and composer of Stardew Valley, said he was delighted with the reception to the initiative: “It’s been incredible to see the reaction to the announcement of the Festival of Seasons. It’s a testament to the incredible passion of the group. The Stardew community and the fact that more and more people are now “I’m happy he can experience the music as a live orchestral performance.”

The concerts on the European stages of the tour will be performed by Italiana. Community Symphony OrchestraHe is one of the most important names of the Italian concert scene, among whose completed projects we can count names such as Francesco Renga, Morgan, Stefano Bollani, Mario Biondi, Andrea Bocelli, Francesco De Gregori, Sting and Robbie Williams.

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