Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley, release date and trailer for the enchanting musical adventure

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Snufkin: The Melody of Moomin Valley there is one release date Official announcement announced during Nintendo Direct and via Nintendo trailer Below you see the fascinating musical adventure of Hyper Games and Raw Fury.

The game will be available starting from: March 7, 2024 As for Nintendo Switch and PC, iOS and Android versions will arrive at a yet-to-be-determined date and will cost $19.99.

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley focuses on the stories of Moomin and actually looks like a kind of animated picture book, with their special romantic atmosphere reminiscent of the originals by Finnish author Tove Jansson.

As can be seen in the new trailer, this is an adventure where music is a central element, and this is supported by an extraordinary collaboration with Sigur Rós.

A strange and fascinating adventure

In the game, we find ourselves playing Snufkin, who is determined to restore the world.natural harmony The renewal of the environment was achieved after a series of grotesque and well-groomed parks were created where there was once pristine nature.

To correct these artificial changes in the environment, the hero must complete various missions, trying not to be discovered by those around him. guards and helping local wildlife in a variety of ways. The story significantly supports each stage of the game through a series of interesting dialogues with strange characters you encounter along the way.

In Snufkin: Moominvalley Melody we must explore the environment and solve the puzzles contained in it, discover the secrets of Moominvalley and try to restore natural order throughout the valley, while trying not to encounter the inflexible guardians of the parks, including playing the harmonica. , stealth action and various puzzles.

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