Although it is widely known that Jamaica harbours many endemic species of birds and lizards, few people know that it also harbours a rich variety of snails. Currently, Jamaica is the home of 562 species of land snails, which is considerably higher than the 431 native species known in the United States east of the Mississippi River. 505 are endemic to Jamaica.

Within the scope of a research project, our guest researchers scouted out potential habitats for one of Jamaica’s smallest snails. These beautiful, tapered tiny glass snails (< 2mm) live in moist leaf litter of cool shady forestland far from agricultural development, pastures and human habitation. Although Green Castle has much woodland, it nonetheless has witnessed much agricultural development throughout its rich history and could thus amongst other reasons, not harbor these minute snails.

After having unsuccessfully scouted out potential habitats along the A3 towards Castleton as well as the Castelton Botanical Gardens, our guests persisted for a few days and finally found a prolific population in the Blue and John Crow Mountains. Thanks to the expert driving help of Trevor Condappa of Trev Tours, live Jamaican microsnails could be found. Our guests not only enjoyed staying at Green Castle but they successfully completed their “mission” of locating a live population of some of Jamaica’s tiniest snails.

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