Sky Children of Light are the Dark Souls of comforting MMOs

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Sky: Children of Light It is a very successful MMO (Journey, Flow, Flower) from Thatgamecompany. It has many features, but overall you can think of it as a relaxing game. Well. Another way to describe this isDark Souls of relaxing games. Frankly, we’re exaggerating a bit, but let’s explain.

Owned by Thatgamecompany officially inspired by Dark Souls for his system management of messages between players. The goal is to reduce toxicity among users.

Statement by creative director Jenova Chen

“With every game we make, our perspective is pretty black and white because we don’t understand the nuances of the game in the beginning: (for us) all text chats are bad“said creative director Jenova Chen.

Recall that Journey does not include any textual communication, allowing players to communicate only through the musical notes the character emits. But players continued to tell Thatgamecompany that they wanted a way to communicate via text.

“So when we left Journey to Sky, we said, ‘Okay, let’s take a small step forward. Let’s see if we can make this text thing work.'”

Sky now has direct chat between friends, but other system created by Thatgamecompany paper boats Things Sky players can place in the world for others to find and read: Chen confirms that everything is inspired by Dark Souls’ on-field message system. However, in Dark Souls, players are limited to certain words to create messages. However, on Sky, players can write messages freely.

This total freedom This became another challenge. “Shortly after we allowed people to leave messages out into the world, they started becoming memes on the internet,” he said.

Chen said that to make sure the messaging system remained on a positive path, the studio announced the launch of the system Show your friends which messages were written by you.

“As soon as we announced this, we saw the community take action and quickly delete the embarrassing messages they wrote,” Chen said. “They actively deleted their messages. It was really satisfying to see that. We didn’t know it was that effective.” They really care what their friends think about them“.

Thatgamecompany expanded on this understanding”positive social pressureBy changing the visibility of messages based on the positive or negative opinions of friends in the game. If some of your friends think a message is great, they will probably share it with others, but if someone thinks it is negative, that message may remain hidden.

final results This is how Sky can offer a positive and enjoyable environment where everyone feels better.

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