Skull and Bones and Beyond Good & Evil 2 are victims of Ubisoft’s mismanagement, according to report

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HE skull and bones And Beyond Good and Evil 2 It would be clear from many superficial elements that these are two projects with troubled development, but now a report from the insider gaming site, based on the statements of Ubisoft insiders and former employees who naturally wish to remain anonymous, has revealed what both titles will be like. fell victim mismanagement is operated by the company.

Speaking of Skull and Bones, which has been delayed six times, it reportedly cost $200 million and Ubisoft doesn’t expect to recoup those costs. According to the leak, the delays were due to power-hungry executives looking to take advantage of the game to advance their careers. So there were constant changes in the vision of what the game should be, which spoiled the atmosphere, some developers were confused about their goals, and it changed daily. a former employee Ubisoft “Some days I would just sit and watch videos on YouTube,” he said, making it clear that he had nothing to do despite the massive delays that had accumulated in development.

beyond good and evil 2

Will Beyond Good and Evil 2 ever come out?

Beyond Good and Evil 2 would suffer a similar fate to that of Skull and Bones; It is an aggravating fact that although the project has been in development for fifteen years, it now appears to be dead, far from being closed. A similar situation could happen to xDefiant; xDefiant will suffer internal delays due to a last-minute decision to add features that break newer builds.

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