Skate is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with console gaming testing slated for 2024

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Electronic Arts and Full Circle have confirmed that the first public tests are coming soon. Skateprobably initially with limited number of places, with approval Playtest on PS5 and Xbox Series planned for 2024.

There is no exact timing on the matter yet, but developer diary In terms of Full Circle, we see that the team is now setting the beginning of extended testing for the game for 2024, which will launch next week.

Although it is not yet clear how these will happen, it is said that testing will also be done on consoles, namely PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

“The good news is console testing will start next year,” lead creative writer Cut Parry and senior creative director Deran Chung said in the Skate video blog.

A game created with the community

Skate, an image from the new episode

Over the past months, the game has begun its testing journey through playtests on the PC version, already allowing a large number of games to be collected. Feedback from usersand considering that this is a title that the community will rely on a lot, these sessions are considered to be of great importance for development.

However, this is still a seemingly long development process, considering the team is still building the game structure around suggestions and recommendations from player feedback. exit It doesn’t happen before 2025.

But it looks like the new Skate is designed to have a setting. live serviceWhile retaining the core features of the reference series, namely a vast open world represented by the city of San Vansterdam, which can be explored entirely on a skateboard.

We gathered new information about the game’s progress and activities last April and awaited further developments.

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