Sinking City is back on sale after being removed due to streaming issues

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The Sinking CityThe horror adventure game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft is finally here put back on sale on Steam and GOG forced removal The incident occurred a few months ago due to a legal dispute regarding the publishing rights of the game.

With relations between Frogwares and Nacon disrupted due to the signing of the publishing contract, The Sinking City, in a somewhat Lovecraftian fashion, suddenly disappeared from all digital stores for its PC version in August 2020.

Nacon subsequently released a new version of The Sinking City in February 2021, but the label was sued by the Frogwares development team for breach of commercial agreements.

Intense debate about publishing

The Sinking City has a lot of atmosphere

The issue has been discussed at length, with Nacon claiming to have been part of the initial agreements to manage the game, while Frogwares accused the publisher of effectively “pirating” the game in order to get it released.

Therefore, Frogwares requested and obtained the removal of the new version of The Sinking City from stores in March 2021; This effectively removed the game from the market, at least on the PC version.

The situation now seems to have been resolved: three years after this legal conflict, Frogwares announced that it had regained full control of the rights connected to the game and has therefore put The Sinking City back on sale on Steam and GOG, among other digital stores. PC is likely to follow, too, given that a page has also appeared on the Epic Games Store for an expected release “soon.”

The game represents an interesting interpretation of some narrative elements and atmospheres in Lovecraft’s works, especially those connected with the myth of love. CthulhuAlthough it has its various problems, it is still admirable for fans of reference works.

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