Silent Hill, creators of Text Message, want to bring the entire saga to PS5 and Xbox Series

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Konami is “potentially” bringing Silent Hill series on current generation consoles. That’s what emerges from one of five short documentaries Konami released on YouTube the same evening it released Text Message.

In the fourth video, a level designer working on Text Message explains that Konami initially Hexagon driver team – a studio that mostly dealt with ports of old games until it helped the Konami team develop Text Message “for a potential port of the Silent Hill series”.

Rika Miyatani, Hexadrive’s director of episode design, said the studio was first brought in by Konami after its bid to direct the Silent Hill 2 remake fell through. As we know, Konami rejected the offer in favor of Polish horror developer Bloober TeamHowever, Miyatani says Konami did not reach out again to discuss Text Message until six months later.

“Everyone in that discussion, including me, were huge Silent Hill fans, so we started talking amongst ourselves and said: Ports would be nice too“But what we really want to see is a remake of Silent Hill for current generation consoles,” Miyatani said.

Konami hasn’t confirmed any ports in the saga and it’s weird that he leaves this kind of comment on videos. In any case, this is not an endorsement, but simply the fact that it indicates interest from a developer actively collaborating on Silent Hill. We’ll see if things improve in the future.

Text Message, our opinion

Silent Hill: Text Message

We also gave you our opinion on Text Message, explaining: “It was crucial for Silent Hill: Text Message to perform well. It’s not enough to think it’s free content to accept a product that clearly doesn’t shine, have a narrative perspective and is entertaining. Not after PT.” , and even more.”

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