Seal 2: Pre-orders for John Romero’s new game have started

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Romero Games opened reservations related to Seal 2new game John Romero. Most importantly, like the first Seal, these are additional levels to the original DOOM; but it was created by one of the fathers of the game and will be available starting December 10, 2023.

Like Sigil, Sigil 2 can be purchased in different versions. The cheapest is the digital one, which costs €6.66. By purchasing this you get 9 single player levels plus 2 deathmatches and the column belongs to Thorr and James Paddock. The Shotgun Shell USB edition costs €69.95 and offers a box full of gadgets, including an A3 poster, a Romero Games case, stickers, badges and the game on a USB stick in the shape of the most iconic weapon in gaming, the Shotgun cartridge. The stick also includes several videos dedicated to Sigil 2. The 3.5″ Floppy + Shotgun Shell USB edition costs €89.95 and offers all the contents of the previous one plus a true 3.5″ floppy disk with the layers above. The 5.25″ and 3.5″ Floppy + Shotgun Shell USB edition costs €154.95 and also includes a 5.25″ disc with the Sigil 2 levels on it, as well as all the contents of the other editions.

WAD files

Consider Sigil 2 to be distributed in file format BUFFERDOOM’s level format. Therefore, to be able to play you need to have a copy of DOOM and use tools such as: GZDoomIt allows you to play using Vulkan/OpenGL libraries.

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