Sand Land gameplay revealed

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Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Land of SandA 9-minute video that gives a broad overview of the gameplay: When we are lost in a large desert world, Legendary Source, accompanied by Beelzebub, prince of demonsgive Sheriff Rao and from Thief.

Let’s join the team

Inside Land of Sand We will not travel alone, but we will be accompanied Sharif Rao, there will help in fights with tools, Thief, will help us hand to hand combat against any enemy and Momwhich will provide us additional skills During We fight over vehicles and will take care of our tools, allowing us to personalize and improve them.

Both human and non-human enemies will be present and thanks to their incredible abilities Beelzebubu, we will be able to combat on land and in the air with light attacks, heavy And special attacks It can also be carried out in the air. It will also be possible to upgrade Beelzebub and Learn new skills This will strengthen him both offensively and defensively.

We travel and fight in vehicles

Inside Land of Sand They will be there different vehicle categories things we can use to move and fight in the game world, for example Skip the Boat, HoverCar And Battle Armor, This will allow us to move large objects to unlock passages or reach high points. we can Transport up to 5 different vehicles with us however, dying inside one of the vehicles will result in Game Over.

Thanks to MomAdditionally, we will be able to improve the tool he changes his weaponsreplacement of barrels, missiles and ammunition e increase the level general. Finally, it will be possible to personalize them by changing the color and adding the stickers we prefer.

Create your own city

We will stop during the adventure Spinosoon to be city our base. Although initially bare and few inhabited, throughout the adventure they will add new companions and merchants, increasing the population and improving its appearance. We will also be available A room all to ourselves We will be free to furnish it as we wish.

Land of Sand It will also present us with additional challenges, such as battles against wanted individuals in “Manhunt” and wild races around the world. new work Bandai Namco, Designed by Akira Toriyamais coming PlayStation4/5, Xbox One And X/S Series, Nintendo Switch And computer Open Steam April 26, 2024.

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