SaGa Emerald Beyond launches this spring

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The company celebrates the 34th anniversary of the iconic series Epic with a special publication revealing new details SaGa Beyond Emerald, SQUARE ENIX He sent SaGa Glimmerfest 2023 34th Anniversary Live StreamMeanwhile, members of the development team announced: SaGa Beyond EmeraldThe new original adventure in the acclaimed RPG series.

Eclectic heroes while streaming SaGa Beyond Emerald and their stories. Producer of the Series Epic Masanori Ichikawageneral director of the series Akitoshi Kawazu and localization director Neal Broadley They introduced two important characters SaGa Beyond Emeraldendowed with the rare ability to see mysterious things Emerald Wave Those who offer choices about their own destiny: Tsunanori Mido and Ameya Aisling.

Tsunanori comes from a famous family I give myselfendowed with the unique ability to control puppets kugutsuusing it to complete all kinds of tasks. Tsunanori joining the project CathedralIt was formed by a group of explorers who explored other worlds in an attempt to repair their city’s weakened barriers and regain their lost spiritual energy.

Under the fake identity of Yumeha Izumi, a student from Miyako City, Ameya she is actually a witch from Pulchra whose powers were stolen. I follow the mysterious ones Emerald WaveAmeya hopes to find out who stole her mana and become the best witch ever.

SaGa Beyond Emerald will come out April 25, 2024 digitally Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation4, computer and devices iOS And Android. You will find below VOD of the flow Epic Glimmerfest 2023.

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