Rise of Ronin, three political factions: Sabaku to Westerners

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Via the dedicated PlayStation website page Rise of Roninupcoming open world action game PS5We have the opportunity to see new information about. groups active in the historical period where the adventure takes place.

There is three main groups:

  • Sabaku – pro-Shogun
  • Tobaku – Anti-shogunate
  • Obei – Western Forces

We remember this”shogun“He is the head of the Japanese military, almost the head of the entire nation, as the emperor in the reference period had no real political and military power. It is also important to know that during this historical period, Japan opened up to the West after centuries of complete closure.

Sabaku, professional Shogun

We are in the Bakumatsu period at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan for approximately 250 years. Obviously we will find forces that want to preserve the power of the central shogun. Among the characters of the Sabaku group we will find:

  • Naosuke Ii – prime minister of the shogunate and lord of the Hikone clan, cooperates with Western powers and opens Japan to the outside world. Lover of tea and poetry, II. He is a skilled warrior known as the Red Demon of the Century, and among the martial arts, Iai is his specialty. His weapon is the Hiroyuki Herring katana.
  • Taka Murayama – Geisha from Yokohama’s Miyozaki entertainment district with ties to Kyoto. He is known for his intelligence and melancholy good looks.
  • Vertical Ascension of Ronin Groups 02 Sabaku Taka Murayama on 19 December 23

Tobaku, anti-shogun

We find the faction opposing the Sabaku faction tobakuIt also consists of:

  • Ryoma Sakamoto – A ronin (masterless samurai) belonging to the Tosa clan. He is outspoken, seeks the right course of action, and is a skilled marksman using Western weapons, as well as being a master of the Hokushin-Itto-ryu school of swordsmanship. His katana is Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki.
  • Vertical Ascension of Ronin Groups 02 Tobaku Ryoma Sakamoto 19 Dec 23
  • Kogoro Katsura – The feudal lord of the Choshu clan, compassionate, prudent, calm, and a mentor to the youth of his clan. Unfortunately, he likes sake a little too much. His katana is Bizen Osafune Kiyomitsu.
  • The Rise of the Ronin Factions Vertical 02 Tobaku Korogo Katsu En 19Dec23

Obei, Westerners

As stated, during this period westerners (primarily the USA) is forcibly opening the coasts of Japan. The most relevant Western figures would be:

  • Matthew Perry – The commander of the United States Navy is the person who pushes for the opening of trade between Japan and the United States. His weapon is the commodore’s sword
  • The Rise of the Ronin Bands Vertical 02 Obei Matthew Perry En 19Dec23
  • Rutherford Alcock – British diplomat should evaluate Japan’s integration into the global economy. He condemns the shogunate’s policies but loves the Japanese craftsman. He was a surgeon and normally had his own bodyguards, but he knows how to defend himself and his weapon is an advanced sword.
  • The Rise of the Ronin Factions Vertical 02 Obei Rutherford Alcock En 19Dec23

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