Green Castle Birding in Jamaica

Green Castle Estate promotes protection of birds and their habitats

With the 6 week bird shooting season coming to an end in Jamaica, it’s important to keep our feathered friends at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts. We at Green Castle are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of wild birds and their habitat. Jamaica has more endemic bird species than any other island in the Caribbean. This rich bird life is threatened by the country’s high rate of deforestation. Conservation efforts are hampered by the general lack of environmental awareness and knowledge of Jamaica’s natural heritage.

Green Castle Estate comprising 1600 acres which has 50% tropical rainforest works hard to try and enhance people’s understanding of their local wildlife and the importance of protecting it.

There are around 28 species of birds that are endemic (only found here) to the island. These birds are often described as ‘quite beautiful’. There are around 300 species of birds that are not confined to Jamaica and are ‘residents’. There are also another 17 species of birds that are occasional visitors and migrants. For those who are interested in birds or love nature, they can be fascinating to watch.

The large size of Green Castle means we have a diversity of ecosystems, including fresh water ponds, a mangrove swamp, streams, forests, pastures and coastline. We have also deliberately left watersheds highly vegetated, creating scenic views and bird habitat. Twenty-seven of Jamaica’s endemic bird species have been sighted at Green Castle already as well as seven Caribbean endemics. In total, there have been over 171 different species of birds sighted within Green Castle’s 1600 acres. Green Castle has over 20 miles of walking trails which make birding easy and enjoyable. Visitors come from all over the world for birding holidays at Green Castle. We offer guided birding tours and nature trails within our grounds for people to learn about birds, view them in their natural habitat and to understand more about the Jamaican countryside.

Whether you’re looking to relax or have a more active holiday, Green Castle Estate really does offer you the chance to immerse yourself in a true Jamaican cultural experience.