Project 007 will be “the ultimate spy fantasy,” according to IO Interactive

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Project 007Hitman developer IO Interactive’s next James Bond game ultimate spy fantasy“, according to the studio’s CEO. The information comes from the latest issue of Edge (391).

The magazine interviewed the CEO of IO Interactive Hakan Abran and discussed the studio’s next James Bond game. “The few clues we could gather around the office point to a tone closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, and perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman’s free-form missions,” we read in the magazine, before referencing a quote from Abran. . “This was billed as the ‘ultimate espionage fantasy,’ suggesting the use of gadgets and perhaps a step back from the Agent 47 murders.”

What to expect from Project 007?

IO Interactive is also working on an online fantasy game

But be careful, just because Edge mentions several famous actors playing 007 does not mean that they are the main characters of the game: IO Interactive has previously stated that Project 007 will not be based on any James Bond actors. will be there The original “Digital Bond”. will be inspired by the studio and the entire film saga in general.

We also know, thanks to a 2021 job posting, that Project 007 will likely be a third-person action game not too different from IO’s previous work in the Hitman series.

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