Prison Architect 2: Possible official announcement from Paradox next week

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Paradox Interactive ready to reveal “next chapter” Prison Architect will likely announce what will happen next week by inviting players to tune in on its social media. Prison Architect 2.

A few hours ago, the studio published a video on its YouTube channel outlining the history of the series, from its launch in 2015 to the various expansions released in the following years. The movie ends by stating: January 16 What happens next remains to be seen, and most people assume it’s a new game.

This isn’t the first time a sequel has been talked about

Moreover, in November Prison Architect 2 was classified in Korea, and in the past the Asian ratings board has often not expected multiple games to be announced this way, such as the porting of Red Dead Redemption to Switch and PS4, just to name one example. .

More clues to the existence of a new game came with the Sunset Update of the first Prison Architect, released in May last year; The final scene of the presentation trailer showed the ghost of a 2D prisoner turning into a 3D model that he could represent. a hint at one of the sequel’s innovations.

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