PlayStation Plus Premium: Dead Island 2 and the surprising Balatro are among the new games tested

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Like every month, Sony updated its catalog. limited time trial games reserved for subscribers PlayStation Plus Premiumi.e. the highest level of service. Especially in February, 4 new PS4 and PS5 games were added, including Dead Island 2.

Below we’ve listed the added titles and how long you can try them for:

  • Balatro – 1 hour
  • Dead Island 2 – 2 hours
  • Wild Card Football – 2 hours
  • Galaxy Card – half hour

Unlike demos, which usually offer one or more sections of a game specifically chosen by the developers to introduce the game to the public, time trials of PlayStation Plus Premium provide access to the entire game for a limited time, which varies depending on the game’s content. ownership with the possibility of transferring the progress made in case the user decides to purchase.

Don’t underestimate Balatro

The game that may attract the most attention in the new selection is definitely Dead Island 2, the new open world action RPG based on zombies and black humor. But we also recommend you to try balatro: is a peculiar roguelite-style card game based on poker, in which the aim is to reach a certain score with various combinations (e.g. doubles, triples, poker) within a certain number of hands. To add even more excitement to things, cards can be customized with additional powers and Jokers have unique powers that can turn the tide of the game.

It’s certainly an interesting concept and seems to have fascinated many gamers, so much so that 250,000 copies of Balatro were purchased within 72 hours of launch.

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