Palworld surpasses 300,000 concurrent players on Steam at launch

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palworld passed 300,000 concurrent players Open Steam While writing this news. Considering that several hours have passed since the official launch, this is an excellent feedback for “Pokémon with rifles” developed by Pocketpair, and 85% positive reviews can be counted on the Valve platform as well. More precisely, there are currently 322,746 players and they are bound to rise in the next few hours.

Palworld is one of the most played on Steam

As a result, it is currently the fourth most played game on the platform; The free-to-play PUBG: Battlegrounds is just below Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 2, but just above Apex Legends. Moreover, the number of players is noticeably increasing (at the time of updating the news they reached 326,420).

Although there has been no shortage of controversy regarding accusations of fraud and plagiarism surrounding this project, the game seems to be qualities needed to convince even skepticsand the numbers recorded on Steam so far clearly show this.

We tried!

We tried Palworld and we were fine The depth of its gameplay surprisedespecially from the large map and the amount of content available in the experience.

Current status What’s missing is some polish: Hitboxes are often imprecise, the graphics could be better and the control system could be optimized in certain cases, but the starting point is certainly convincing.

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