Palworld: Lots of new content like tanks, various structures and more may be coming soon

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According to various users, there would be one large amount of content what they could be arrival inside palworld With future updates like pal wagons, new construction and gameplay options, and much more.

The question is not definitive, but these are the elements that will appear, as reported in a post on Reddit by user Unhappy_Panic_1875, who created a complete collection of these additions. available in some promotional materials These features, which belong to Palworld but are not currently available in the game, point to a later introduction.

Palworld, on the other hand, is structured as a live service of sorts, which will probably need to have long support since it’s still in use. early accessTherefore, we can expect a significant amount of new content to arrive via updates.

Many possible new features coming soon

The wagon pulled by his friend was seen in the trailer

Notably, the possible existence of Pals-drawn cars was predicted from the first Palworld trailer; considering one of them can be seen in the trailer in question, seen above, and was clearly removed from the later released version.

Apart from these, many more additions are expected to come to the system. structure: Advanced options for the Pengullet, new architecture for your home, the ability to slaughter Lambals to obtain wool, cages to transport allies, and additional creatures along with many new features regarding creature weapons.

Other new features will include more interactivity over villages, as well as an improved gardening system, the ability to travel on a whale-style companion, floating playgrounds in the sky, battle arenas, ships, and more. More .

Considering that Palworld is currently in early access on PC and Game Preview on Xbox, it is highly likely that many new features are on the way that will enrich the content of the game, considering that we have not yet reached the final version. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for more information on this subject.

Meanwhile, due to the large amount of work Palworld requires, Pocketpair is understaffed and will have to expand significantly in the short term.

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