Palworld: A mod lets you play it in first-person

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among many mode for PC version palworld Released in recent weeks, it’s obviously something that lets you: switching from third-person view to first-person view.

Created by Cristiferbeast, the “First Person Mod” does exactly what you’d expect, that is, you change the type of camera used by pressing Alt + C from the keyboard, while Alt + V returns you to the classic view behind the hero. It’s a simple change, but the new perspective can offer a completely different experience, as we can see in the video below.

If you’re interested, find the mod for it on NexusMod address, along with installation instructions. Frankly, given that Palworld was created with a third-person perspective in mind, it’s reasonable to expect some bugs or, at any rate, a not-perfectly-optimized experience.

Palworld between legacy systems and future content

Pocketpair, meanwhile, is working on post-launch support for Palworld. Being an early access game, plenty of fix injections, new content and features are clearly needed as well, and in that sense the arrival of PvP modes and multiplayer raids.

In addition to all this, the studio’s tough fight against cheaters will experience a significant turning point in the coming months with the introduction of an external anti-cheat system.

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