Pacific Drive: Demo available on Steam, includes first story mission

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Kepler Interactive launched demo related to Pacific Rim Open SteamOn the occasion of the currently ongoing Steam Next Fest, it allows you to try the interesting automotive survival horror game with the first mission available to play for free in the trial version.

You can find the demo at: Pacific Drive’s official page on SteamIt can of course be downloaded for free and used on Windows PCs that meet the declared hardware and software requirements; While waiting for all this release date The full version is scheduled for release on PC and PS5 on February 22, 2024.

The demo allows you to experience the opening of the game, including its entirety. first mission in history This should represent an excellent introduction to the entire content and immediately immerse the player in the special atmosphere that characterizes this game.

It’s a very strange story

There are some very disturbing moments in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive lets us discover mysterious things Olympic Exclusion Zone, a restricted area that was closed for decades by the US government following mysterious events. This region has become an ominous and strange region filled with radiation and strange anomalies, occupying part of the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Our hero finds himself trapped in the Exclusion Zone and entrusted to an old woman with little chance of survival. station wagon to be customized to the maximum level according to various needs, completing missions and discovering the mysteries of the area.

Recently, we watched the “Surviving the Zone” video after a 17-minute game about survival on four wheels in Pacific Drive.

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